Do you want to earn money while helping medical science? All you have to do is:

Just Walk In

Monday through Thursday. NOT FRIDAY.


You can donate blood every 56 days. 


Up to $500 per donation

“Been coming here for years and I’ve never had an issue! Love giving blood here. The staff is really great!.”

– Jerry B.

“The best part is knowing that you’re giving a possible gift of life..”

– Aaron A.


We need special blood! If you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition then your blood may contain valuable antibodies. We can turn these into important tests to diagnose conditions like HIV, diabetes, and even Covid. The contributions from our donors have helped researchers across the globe create new treatments and new vaccines. So we will pay you more for donating blood if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Diabetic
  • HIV positive
  • Covid positive
  • And more (See the full list here)


Please Note: You must have a doctor’s diagnosis to confirm your disease before donating.

How much can you earn?

Each Donation Counts

SBC pays donors depending on the current demand among researchers, so there can be a wide range depending on the conditions you have.

Example: Donate diabetic blood for $100 per visit every 8 weeks = $600 a year

Did you know?

We also pay for plasma donations which you can give about 2 times a week. And just like blood donations, plasma that has a disease present can earn more money. Call us to find out.

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We always have new opportunities for you to donate and earn.

You are giving a possible gift of life.

~ Aaron A.

Comfortable, Professional, & Trustworthy


    • Donations are monitored by qualified medical workers
    • Patient confidentiality guaranteed under FDA and HIPAA
    • SBC has operated for 19 years 
    • Mailing list for special programs that offer more money
    • Free text reminders for next visit every 8 weeks
    • Extended open hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays



Fax 843.766.5564

Donation Hours

Monday 8:30-5pm

Tuesday 8:30-7:00pm

Wednesday 8:30-5pm

Thursday 8:30-7:00pm