We work with many Physicians, Clinics and affiliated Hospital groups throughout the Low Country and the nation. Without the support of the Medical Community we would not be able to provide the important biological material that is needed by the invitro diagnostic market to develop new, more accurate, faster and cheaper diagnostic tests.

Specialty Blood Center operates under IRB approved study protocols for its sample collections and is registered with the FDA as a blood and plasma collection center. We are one of the largest disease state plasma and specialty plasma collection organizations in the country, so you can be assured that we will treat your patients with the greatest possible care.

Call us (843) 766-5544 to find out more about our Patient Referral Program and our Physician Referral Program.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Will My Practice Benefit?

We recognize the time and effort required in identifying eligible patients for one of our study programs. For that reason healthcare providers are eligible to receive reimbursement for each qualified participant in these programs. This reimbursement is considered a “safe harbor” and is compliant with OIG Federal Anti-Kickback Statute 64 FR63518 (11/19/99).


How Can I Assure HIPAA Compliance?

We operate under the strictest FDA and HIPAA controls for patient safety and confidentiality. We don’t ask you to disclose personal information to us about your patients. Once you have provided our program literature to your eligible patients, they contact us directly and indicate to us their willingness to be screened for program eligibility.


What Is My Role In Providing Patients?

Physician involvement should be minimal. Our program involves passive and voluntary donor recruiting whereby patients that wish to participate should contact us directly for thorough donor screening. Physicians can aid this process by notifying patients who have received positive diagnoses during the doctor visit for certain conditions of the opportunity to contribute to further research into their condition and also receive compensation.