Programs For Donors

Specialty Blood Center is one the largest specialty plasma and disease state plasma companies in the country and we are always looking for participants who are under a Doctor’s care for our research programs. Not only are we looking for people with the diseases, ailments or conditions listed below, but we also use healthy people for our studies.

Additionally, if you are under a Doctor’s care for something that we do not have listed below, submit this brief form and we will call or email you when we have a study that you are eligible to participate in.

For the most part our studies do not involve treatment or medication which should allow you to participate in Pharmaceutical Trials if you desire.

Most specialty plasma programs and some sample studies require your most recent laboratory blood work. Don’t worry if you can not bring them by your first appointment we will have you fill out a medical records release form and get the results for you!

If you have one or more of the following conditions, you are welcome to come to our donor center.

If your disease is not listed, CLICK HERE